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This is the quietest room of the house and with all of the commotion that goes on in the average household, the bathroom is often thought of as the sanctuary of the home. Whether or not this is currently true for you, you are most likely here because you would like it to be and you have a need for the peace and quiet that the most tranquil room in your home can bring to you.

Just think, a relaxing hot shower can be all you need to wash away the stress of a long day…

Is your bathroom outdated?
Or just not as luxurious as you’d like? Don’t think your bathroom is large enough to be transformed into a tranquil at-home retreat of your own? If the size of your bathroom is a concern, we can develop alternative layouts for you – perhaps by incorporating an adjoining room or a closet to enlarge the space. There are tons of options. Let Long Island Liberty Construction help you determine your bathroom needs, investigate your options and transform your bathroom into the one you desire.

Long Island Liberty Construction has completed many bathroom remodeling projects in Long Island. For ideas, and for your complimentary design and budget consultation, give us a call!

       • Glass enclosed showers
       • Custom cabinetry
       • Jacuzzi tubs
       • Natural stone finishes
       • Body sprays
       • Radiant heat

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